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Hi. My name is Anne

I write...                                  

and then, I paint about it.


MY CHARACTERS often have quite a bit on their minds.

So sometimes I give them a brush and let them quietly hide their wisdom inside my canvas.

Other times, it's famous people like Churchill, Hill OR Buffett  (BTW, I admire Warren and Jimmy equally)

who whisper inspiration

between my layers

of blue and green.


I call it joint work.


In truth, no one ever writes alone...

MY CHARACTERS stand on the shoulders of people I've known and express their desires to visit places I have never seen.

A tad more about me...

I live in the Pacific NW and began full-time writing after two earlier careers.

One career was in the financial services/estate planning industry.

The second was the creation of a brand of jewelry which made its way onto cruise ships and brick and mortar stores throughout the world.

The experiences I shared, endured, and witnessed became seeds.

Technology and world events became the fertilizer and ...

the people I met blossomed like flowers in my pages

...and truth be told, some grew more like weeds. 

We all have our ups and downs. Traumas and triumphs. Wins and losses.


We all need HOPE.

Sometimes, a good book can instill a small sense of that.

I am currently seeking literary representation and retail level galleries for my art.

I hope my five novels eventually make it out to the world.

Meanwhile, the characters keep my paintbrush busy.


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