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Witness the beginning of the odd friendship between popular Blake and the reclusive child prodigy Hugo Anton. An unforeseen moment bonds them like brothers. The dynamic they forge sets the tone of the series and catapults them into their futures.


Hugo brilliantly develops humanoid robotic equipment but will not mix with most humans. Blake hides a crippling secret but shines best on the soccer field. Unfortunately when an injury sets talons for an opiate addiction, Blake begins to falter. An independent study program could not only afford Blake to earn required credits to graduate on time, but would also give Hugo an opportunity to test his equipment on the required number of human subjects to enter a national competition.


Unexpectantly, they soon discover some of their test subjects are disappearing. Relying on his fading senses, Blake must investigate further not only to preserve Hugos entry in the international competition, but also to quell the sense that something is not right.


Someone does not take kindly to Blake's investigation as Blake discovers a wealthy family's business is a front for selling the organs of forgotten people. 




College is now distant in Blake and Hugo's rearview mirror.

It was no surprise that Hugo retreated into the shadows with his work, but so too did the once handsome and outgoing soccer player. 

Unknown to Blake, Hugo has been silently watching him. When Blake's poor choices can no longer be ignored, Hugo kidnaps him and  dumps him in rehab and requests ONE FAVOR from his once vibrant old friend.

Hugo desires to set Blake's life on a better path so he gives him a makeover and an enhanced resume to land him the job. tough could the favor be for an amateur marksman to pretend to be a bodyguard for a teen pop-singer? 

Neither foresee the web of trouble next door to Blake's first client. 


The resort club up the hill in Napa Valley has a very secret niche. INTIMATE EXPERIENCES like no where else on earth draws the rich and famous like bees to honey. But when a senator goes missing and celebrities behave strangely, blackmail and murder soon follow.


Suspected as the perpetrator, Blake scrambles to clear his name only to drive suspicion to the one he was hired to protect. 

Image by Rich Martello
Image by Gerson Martins



When Blake was kidnapped from Portland after his own suicide attempt, he was told never to return. For one, his doctor knew drug addition would more likely relapse, but secondly, because the gang who wanted him dead was still hunting him down.


But when Tex, the owner of the local gun shop and Blake's only father figure, is suspected of munitions trafficking, the FBI motivates Blake to return to Portland as a government informant. They must isolate the origination of the advanced military equipment or the technology could threaten the balance of power as we know it.


If Blake refuses, they will use existing evidence to prosecute them both. 

To Blake, the FBI request is sweetened by the news that his college love wishes to reignite correspondence. Poignant tendrils of family, love and honor are put to the test and innocent lives will be lost to gang violence if the STOLEN STARS are not recovered and saved from enemy hands.



With a few more of Hugo's 'resume enhancements', Blake rides a train of success to a private investigator job in Portland.

When a beloved gym franchise owner and healthy-living guru falls six stories into her company's15th anniversary party, Blake is called in to analyze the scene.

Most report she didn't seem suicidal but upon further examination her life looks like a train-wreck. The CDC has opened an investigation because hundreds of the people around the world associated with her gym/delis are falling ill or dying. 

Floating in a locked-in coma she cannot move nor communicate while everyone believes she's unsalvageable. She hears how her business is falling to shreds, that her young rock-star husband is murdered by the same insulin overdose that killed her first husband and that she is now the suspect of both deaths. Her mother wants to pull the plug, and her sister reveals years of petty hatred to her unmoving form.

Blake follows a hunch convinced that someone is sabotaging his client, but before he can gather evidence, her body vanishes.

Image by Christopher Campbell
Image by Tim Hüfner

Book 5


The world learns where the massively philanthropic robotics tycoon Hugo Anton has been hiding all these years. He purchased land off the coast of Florida to prove a point to the world about robotic efficiency. He created the first private self-sustaining prison which claims almost no recidivism.

He calls it FINAL ISLAND.


Blake Sorenson has not seen his best friend in person since college, but now the U.S. Secretary of State wants Blake to pay the illusive billionaire a visit.

Why? It's an elections year and the United States powers-that-be are receiving domestic and international heat due to the unthinkable horrors Hugo Anton is allegedly committing inside the compound created for the world's most diabolical criminals.

Hugo was the man who saved Blake's life on more than one occasion. Blake would rather die than spy for the U.S. government to establish Hugo's guilt and bring down a national hero. But the government has figured out Blake has been living a lie that began innocently enough with Hugo's "enhanced resume" so many years ago. By refusing to go, Blake will lose more than his own life. 


The future of everyone Blake has ever loved hangs in the balance of what he might discover about the WARDEN'S WARDEN.

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