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You asked for MORE CHARACTERS?


Yeah, I look different.


That's part of a long story that landed me as an orphan.

I am sketched because almost no one sees me in person.

I was only 16 when I started at the U of Washington.

I know I could have started earlier, but my uncle Basil and his husband Olive thought I wasn't ready...emotionally.

How the hell I got assigned the most polar opposite person on the planet for a roommate I will never know.

But Blake changed my life.    

I guess when the time was right I repaid the favor 

...whether he wanted it or not.     

I am Vance Sharone

I am the man who is responsible for the technology behind the intimate experiences currently

luring people to Private like hungry dogs to meat.

I catapulted this resort to the level of success is it today.


Yeah, I am young, but I made it though Harvard and MIT.

Pretty good for a kid born of a porn star.         

The thing is, I want to build this world,

     not just play in it

I have a plan                     

and I don't want anything

or anyone

to ruin it.

Young serious-looking, confident african american male employee, cross hands chest, waitin
Stage Mist

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